Students of the Month






Alex is a lot of fun to have in class. He is smart and helpful and has a great sense of humor. He works hard in Ag class and is our biggest promoter!


Charity is such a polite and sweet person! She is funny and fun to be around and is always willing to help in any way. She works hard in class and makes even the hardest task a lot more fun




'Akalipa is a leader on our campus. Always cheerful, helpful, polite, respectful and has good grades.



Willing, courteous and helpful are just a few of the words to describe Josh Nunez.  Josh is very mindful of the needs of others and is always offering his helpful services.  Whether the task is small or large, you can find him cheerfully helping out.  He always has a smile and a playful joke which makes the task and time go by easy.  He is a spirit led young man and a friend to all.


Anthony has demonstrated an excellent attitude and a willingness to learn during the month of August. He has been very courteous and polite to fellow students, teachers and staff. Specifically, during the Class Scramble, he showed a positive attitude and helped lead the Junior team chant (Juuuniooorrs!). His positivity is contagious, and he has been a valuable asset to JCA.


It has been a joy to have Emily in agriculture class. She is willing to do any job and always has a great attitude. She is quick to pick up the lessons we cover and often surprises me with how much information she remembers. She has a great sense of humor and is just fun to be around.


Leo, the boy's dorm RA, stood up when everyone was down in the dormitory.  After the boys' head dean had passed away, he lent his hand stronger, with hours much longer, to help Mr. Pila take care of the boys.  He was always reliable, emotionally stable and was willing to help.  He may be quiet but he can easily be connected as a friend.  Leo has also been a strong leader in the music departments showing both dedication and passions.



Christian has worked hard to match the standards in class. Has responded to correction and aimed to do far better than expectations. Great attitude and willingness to learn and grow in all aspects. Team leader and encourages others.


Tiana always has a cheery attitude and is eager to do whatever needs doing especially in Agriculture. She steps up and leads by example. I appreciate her enthusiasm!



Siua has been at the fore front of leadership throughout this past year. He has been heavily involved with recruiting, yearbook and in all of the following aspects of our music ministry: Brass Band; Bells and Choir. One thing that really makes him stand out is his genuine, fun-loving spirit which infuses joy into any situation. Siua not only exudes energetic positivity he also puts a lot of that energy into his academics. He is currently taking several honors classes and striving for salutatorian. Be blessed Siua and may your light always burn bright!



Faith has been at JCA for four years. In that time we have seen her mature into a wonderful young woman. She has become a leader on our campus. As the Senior Class President, she is the driving force behind their class for fundraising and planning for class trips and graduation. Faith is honest and hard working with a commitment to academic excellence.  She well deserves to be Student of the Month.


Omar is always hard working and right there to tackle any job with a great attitude. He is a great example to his fellow workers and a joy to be around!



Isabella selflessly gives of her time to help her fellow classmates to ensure their success while keeping her grades up and not slacking. She works hard in all her classes and keeps a positive outlook despite the extra work she has taken on. She is always on time and prepared to work no matter what the circumstances.



Levi will be a four year senior this year. His parents are both almuni. He excels in his grades and helps others with their school work. Levi is a leader on our campus and not afraid to stand up for what he knows is right. 



Destin is respectful to his teachers and friendly to his peers. He is also diligent with his class work. Does not complain about the tasks he is given and is willing to help with whatever needs to get done.



A quiet, soft and reliable soul.  As long as she understands and knows her expectations, she’s good to go.  If she has a project with an assigned time, she never fails to fulfill.  Eleiny may appear to be soft spoken but she has a sturdy heart that wills a firm accomplishment. Whether she’s in the dorm, kitchen, or in the classroom, Eleiny has been observed to escalate and I'm praying that she continues to hold on to God as her guide.  I’m blessed to know and work with Eleiny Piña.



Elizabeth is a hard worker with a great attitude.  She continually works hard to keep her grades up and to truly learn.  She strives to have a close relationship with God and with her classmates.



Sarah is a hard worker and a great example to the other students.

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