This school year has been all about “choose you this day whom ye will serve;” Joshua 24:15. You have heard it over and over again. It is a good thing, right!? As principal, I pray each morning that God will give me, our faculty & staff and you the students, the wisdom to make good choices. Not only each day, while you were here at Jefferson Christian Academy, but throughout your daily lives, and for the future.

What does it take to “choose” Jesus each day? Let’s look back at why Joshua made such a strong statement. As I read Joshua 24:5 – 14 a picture began to develop in my mind.

God sent Moses and Aaron, and the plagues to free His people from slavery. The Egyptians pursued them into the sea, and the Israelites cried out to the Lord, and He let the Red sea come together and killed the Egyptians.  The Israelites fought the Amorites, and God gave them the victory. God’s prophet, Balaam wanted to curse Israel. But every time Balaam opened his mouth he blessed them.  God gave them the best land and they did not have to fight for it. They had vineyards and olive yards, they did not plant, but they enjoyed the harvest.

You see, every time God’s people needed to be rescued or they received an abundance of blessings, God was there. Even when they made poor choices, God was there. Wouldn’t you like to have a best friend like that? Someone that is right there for you, looking out for you. Someone that you can always trust.

Joshua was drawing the Israelites a picture of their history and future with a close and trusted friend, Jesus. He stood before them and proclaimed his choice to serve the Lord.

It is our hope that all of you will see God’s work, blessings and protection in your life. That you will choose Jesus every day and serve Him all your life.

God Bless,

Lyne Ho

Principal's Message

Lyne Ho

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