Esau, Vickie

​My name is Vickie Esau. My husband, Bob, and I were both born and raised in central Nebraska and we have been married since 1984. We have two daughters, three sons and eight grandchildren. We moved here in 2015 when my husband accepted a job transfer to Marshall. Our youngest son, Benjamin began his freshman year here at JCA and graduated in 2019. I worked part-time for one year in the cafeteria. I then began working full-time leading the Agriculture Program as well. I feel so blessed to be working here and I LOVE my job! We have been running a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program where the students and I grow vegetables for CSA members who purchase weekly shares of our harvest. We are very pleased with how it has been going; our members have been so supportive! We are planning some exciting changes and are continuing to learn, adjust and grow, grow, grow!


There are so many awesome benefits and life lessons to be gained by staff and students through agriculture work. It also brings them to learn and experience more of our Creator. This is my prayer.


Gibson, Jazmin


Asst. Girls Dean

Gibson, Justin



Ho, Lyne

​My name is Lyne Ho. This is my fourth year at JCA and I serve as the principal. I was born at one of our Adventist hospitals in Hinsdale, Illinois but grew up in Peoria, IL. My parents were committed to the value of Christian education. As a family we cleaned the school and church and when I went to Broadview Academy my Dad roofed the school barn to clear my bill.  While at Andrews University I met my husband, Alden Ho. We have been married for 29 years and have 3 children. I love to see the joy on the student’s faces as they triumph academically and spiritually. I enjoy business challenges, organization, and working with a team to accomplish goals, especially those that help others.

Principal, Math Models

Jenkins, Tari

​Hi, my name is Tari Jenkins. I am the Business Manager for JCA. This will be my third year to work here. I enjoy working with money and I am doing my best to help the school to use the funds entrusted to us in the best way possible for the school to run smoothly and for the money to be used where it's intended to go. I appreciate the faithful friends who help us financially so we can provide a Christian education for our students.  I attended school at JCA for my senior year; I enjoyed it very much. I am from Wisconsin. I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. I work with a piano tuner part time, that is my new hobby. I also enjoy biking, reading and sign language.

Business Manager

Lindsey, Bobby

​My name is Bobby Lindsay. I am the maintenance director and have been working here for 19 years. I am from Kirbyville, Texas. We moved here for Susie, my daughter to go to school here and that was in 1978. I like riding bicycles and I am very health-conscious.


Raynow, Gina


Spanish I & II Asst. Teacher, Asst. Chef & Agriculture

Raynow, Jason


Maintenance & Grounds

Raynow, Jennifer


Front Office, Attendance & Kitchen Asst.

Steele, Cherrilee

My name is Cherrilee Steele.  I am honored to be teaching Chemistry and Math Models at JCA this year.  I was born into a circus family and as I grew, I developed a love of caring for people.  With a lofty goal of helping as many people as possible, I attended The Ohio State University where I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology and Clinical  Laboratory Sciences.  I then went to The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and I received my Masters and Doctoral degrees in the Molecular Medical Sciences.   Though it is my first year teaching at JCA, I have been active in our elementary school for 9 years   My daughter attended CBAES and is currently a student at JCA.

Coming from quite a secular background, it really wasn’t until I became a mother, that I realized the need for spiritual knowledge in the education of our children.   The world and our public schools, not only teaches us, but it requires us to leave God out of everything.  He is, in fact, He is the Essence of everything.   We cannot truly educate and serve our young people if we do not teach them to see the Hand of God in everything. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 teaches us, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."   My desire is to not only teach our students Chemistry and Practical Applications of Math but, also to show them God’s place at the center of everything.   I believe that our job is not simply to get them through high school and onto college.  We must teach them that the Scriptures are our mirror to show us what we are to be like.   Our focus should not be on comparing ourselves with others, but on comparing ourselves with God's Word THEN we shall be thoroughly equipped for every good work.  The work that really matters for eternity.


There are so many awesome benefits and life lessons to be gained by the students through agriculture work. It also brings them to learn and experience more of our Creator. This is my prayer.


Taylor, Brandy

My name is Brandy Taylor and I am blessed to be a teacher at JCA. I teach math, English, and ESL. Teaching has been my dream since I was in the first grade and I have always wanted to serve the Lord. I get to do both here at JCA. I am happily married to Gabriel Taylor and we have a daughter named Savannah. We are blessed to be able to work for God together as a family.

English 3 - 4, ESL, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry & College Algebra 

Taylor, Gabriel

My name is Gabriel Taylor and I am the Bible Teacher and Chaplain here at JCA. My passion has always been ministry and ministering to God’s people. My wife, Brandy, and I have always wanted to be in ministry together, and now God has given us that opportunity here. We both have a passion for young people and leading them to Jesus. In addition to this, we are Apple product nerds. We also love nature photography. We have one daughter, 8 years old, named Savannah.

 Bible I-IV, Speech, US & World History, Physics, Comp Apps &  Personal Finance 

Te'ekiu, Mele

My name is Mele and it is only by the grace of God that I am here at JCA.  Without a doubt, I know that this is where God has brought me and I pray that God will use me in a mighty way.  I am happily married to Viliami Te'ekiu and we have three blessings from above:  'Akalipa, Kisione & Viliami.  My family has been in the mission field since September 2011 and it truly has been a blessing.  This year as always, it is my hope and prayer that God will continue to use my family and I to be a blessing to the children here at JCA, and to everyone that we may come in contact with.

Webpage Master, Newsletter, Hand Bell Choir, Assist Coordinator & Yearbook

Te'ekiu, Willie


Grounds, Asst. Agriculture, Asst. Maintenance

Telefoni, Litea

My family and I are on our 4th semester here in JCA.  Intentionally, I want to face each new day with an open heart/mind to whatever God has in plan for me.  Serving alongside wonderful staff as I tend to these precious children always refers me back to God's unfailing love and faithful guidance.  Besides my husband Viliami (Pila) and children (Siosiua, Siunipa), I'm strengthened & blessed to serve arm in arm together with my brother/wife, sister in law/family. In closing, I want to sing together with Paul and Silas with everything that God has empowered me to offer here in JCA.  Would I be able to draw these souls & people around me to ask "What must I do to be saved?".   May God abundantly bless JCA by using my family and me.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Girls Dean, SA Sponsor, Health, Medical Missionary, Music Director

Telefoni, Pila

I have spent many years in working for the government with troubled youth in different shapes and forms.  All these years, God has faithfully followed me with a plan that I can use my experience in His field.  Six years now we have become missionaries and have served in schools/lifestyle center.  JCA has been a blessing to me and my family since the day I began.  I'm looking forward with great trust in God's hands, that He will continue to lead, teach and guide me and that I may be of some light to our students & friends.

SA Sponsor, Asst. Boys Dean, Development & Recruiting & PE 

Tu'ipulotu, Giovanni

Am blessed to be at JCA and looking forward to what God has in store for us here.  Class Goals for this year:  putting God's Word into practice.  Preparing students for now and heaven.

 Boys Dean, Brass Band, Art 

Tu'ipulotu, Giovanni

My name is Loevetta Tuipulotu and I run the work education program as well as attendance here at Jefferson Christian Academy. It is my great desire that our students develop a high moral and ethical foundation for any life situation. I am interested in finding the treasure in each student and letting God place them in a position to polish that gem. We have excellent work programs to help harness an individuals talents and strengthen their weaknesses so that they leave here well rounded with a resume that is as exceptional as they are. Whether they are working with our senior mentor scholarship program through Southern University called ASSIST, or weeding, planting and harvesting in our agriculture program, to building skills with cooking and cleaning God is teaching our kids the importance of integrity in all you do. Our greatest goal is to lead them to Jesus and I truly believe He is spiritually growing us ALL along the way.

Work/Vocational Coordinator, Biology, Receptionist & Attendance

Tullock, Aaron

My name is Aaron Tullock, I am a fourth generation alumni and a fourth generation employee here at JCA.  I teach Biology, Environmental Science, World History, American History, Government, and Health.

Environmental Science

Tullock, Robin

I was born and raised here. I am 3rd generation JCA alumni. I started working at JCA in August of 1995. I have taught English I - IV, Yearbook, Health, Religion I and IV, and World Geography. I have been a teacher, Registrar, Vice Principal, and Principal. My hobbies are crocheting, reading, and target-shooting. Some our favorite pastimes are games with the family. We have a lot of family game nights—we play board games and croquet, mostly. My favorite food is Tex-Mex and Asian. I have two children, Cody and  Aaron, and a daughter-in-law, Heather. I also have three grandkids: Liliana, Venton, and Iris.

World Geo, Eng I & II, Vice Principal & Registrar 

Wilson, Brenda

Hi, I am Brenda Wilson. I was raised in Jefferson and am a 1979 graduate of Jefferson Academy. It has been my privilege to be a part of the community, Church and Academy. This year, I will be volunteering and assisting Loevetta in the reception area.

 Boys Dean, Brass Band, Art 

Williams, Lance


Head Chef