FRIDAY EVENING VESPERS – A weekly worship and praise service designed to welcome the Sabbath.  These are normally led by members of the Student Association, but sometimes   guest speakers may, also, be invited. 


WORSHIP SERVICE– A weekly Sabbath morning worship and praise service held at Jefferson Academy Church.  


OUTREACH – Involves various activities designed to engage students’ religious faith through serving the needs of others in the surrounding community. The activities, which may be held on or off campus, include passing out GLOW tracts, singing at the local nursing homes, etc... 


WEEKS OF PRAYER – Two special weeks of spiritual emphasis devoted to prayer and supplication.  One week of prayer is held during each of the two semesters of the academic year.  This year, we will have a guest speaker minister to us in the fall week of prayer, while students of the   school   will themselves lead out in the spring week of prayer. 


MISSION TRIPS – Annual short-term mission trips are offered either within the United States or abroad. Students pay for these trips either with their own funds or with   those   obtained   through fund-raising efforts. 


Gio Tu'ipulotu



Campus Ministries