Congratulations Class of 2020

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Jefferson Christian Academy seeks to provide a Christ-centered curriculum and program of activities, using the inspired counsel given to the church as well as appropriate secular theories, in its implementation. Our philosophy is to teach the beliefs, ideals, and customs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as to lead its students to ascertain and accept, in practice and sentiment, the mind and will of God as revealed in His Word. This unique educational approach is based on the belief of a harmonious development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual elements within each student. The school seeks to develop an attitude of service in each student. This concept of community is stressed in order to develop a well-rounded member of a global society and above all else, loyal, conscientious Christians. Jefferson Academy, in cooperation with the home and the church, accepts as its basic evangelistic tasks the education and redemption of its students.


We Are JCA!

Jefferson Christian Academy is located in East Texas near the delightful, historic town of Jefferson. As one of the oldest Seventh-day Adventist boarding academies in operation, we continue to offer quality Christian Education today.

Staff members have different backgrounds and teaching styles with a common desire to show God's love to their students and help them secure a place in his kingdom. This committed faculty and staff understand the importance of fostering emotional and psychological support for students.

Living in a boarding school environment promotes the building of interpersonal relationship skills.

To really get a picture of what student life is like at Jefferson Christian Academy, we encourage prospective students to contact us for an appointment to visit our campus.

Proud Members Of:


Robin Tullock

Head of Admissions

New students applying for admission to Jefferson Christian Academy must provide the following materials before they can be accepted:

  • Completed Application Package

  • Copy of all school records (test scores, etc.)

All new students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the time of registration, and should bring the following items with them to registration:

  • Immunization record since birth

  • Copy of social security card

  • Mailing address and phone number of previous school

  • Copy of birth certificate


In order to ensure the best possible Christian environment for our young people, Jefferson Christian Academy reserves the right to refuse the student whose behavior in the past has not been acceptable. Acceptance of all students will be subject to review by the Executive Committee.

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